Sunless Tanning Lotions
Bahama Tan Sunless Tanning Lotions:  Dark, Medium and Light

Bahama Tan Professional Sunless Tanning Lotions come in light, medium and dark so no matter what skin tone your client has, you can provide a beautiful, natural looking tan for them.  

Bahama Tan is made with an extensive list of natural and organic ingredients that not only develop a realistic tan but they are also good for the skin too.
Bahama Tan Self Tanner Ingredients:
distilled aqua, dihydroxyacetone (Eco Cert approved DHA), aloe vera gel, organic coconut oil, organic monoi de tahiti oil, vegetable glycerin, organic canola oil, jojoba oil, organic shea butter, cetearyl olivate (from olive oil), sorbitan olivate (from olive oil), herbal extract/oil, organic argan oil, organic calendula extract, glucono delta-lactone (which is a food grade pH adjuster), sodium benzoate (which is a food grade preservative), calcium gluconate (which is a food grade thickener), sodium PCA (amino acid natural derivative).
Bahama Tan Dark Lotion
Bahama Tan Dark Lotion is for those self tanning enthusiasts who like to "go dark or go home"!
Just one or two layers will give you the deep, dark Bahamian tan our lotion is named for.
Dark is for anyone with a darker skin tone, tans dark in the sun and wants a quick, deep tan.
Tan Extender / Moisturizer:
Our Medium and Light can be used in between your Dark applications to extend your sunless tan.
Bahama Tan Medium Lotion
Bahama Tan Medium Lotion is for those who want more control over their tan shade and don't want to go too dark, too quickly.
Applying one to five layers will give you a nice, brown tan.
Medium is for anyone with a medium skin tone, tans well in the sun and wants a rich, golden tan over a longer period of time.
Tan Extender / Moisturizer:
Medium can also be used as a Tan Extender / Moisturizer for those with darker skin tones in between using the "Dark" lotion above. 
Bahama Tan Light Lotion
Bahama Tan Light Lotion is for anyone that wants to build their tan over time for the most "control over their glow" or simply wants a sun kissed look to get rid of their pale, white winter look.
Apply as many layers as needed to achieve the glow you are looking for.
Light is for those with a lighter skin tone, that tend to tan without burning and want to have a healthy, summer-glow look anytime of the year.

Tan Extender / Moisturizer:
Light can also be used as a Tan Extender / Moisturizer for those with medium and darker skin tones in between using the "Medium" or "Dark" lotions above. 

  1. Pre-Tan Scrub
  2. Tan Extender
  3. Tan Moisturizer
  4. Tanning Spray
  5. Facial Tanner
  6. Foaming Body Scrub
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